Become a Consignor

Becoming A Consignor With Baja Rosi’s

store-topsBring us your gently worn, quality clothing and discover its hidden value. It’s easy to get started and takes little time to realize the potential to earn cash for those hidden treasures in your closet.

Follow these easy steps to get started.

  1. Bring fashionable, in-season clothes that are freshly cleaned and pressed. We accept clothing on Tuesday, Friday, Saturday & Sundays – NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! We also consign shoes, purses and accessories.
  2. Everything MUST be on hangers, please.  NOTE: We will always return your hangers to you, bringing in your items on hangers helps us facilitate a smooth intake.
  3. We will select and price items that are best suited to our clientele.
  4. You receive 40% of the selling price. You can check your balance online. Payout on demand means no waiting for your money; get paid whenever there is money in your account!
  5. At Baja Rosi’s, we will do everything possible to simplify your consignment experience and make it profitable for you!
  6. Special Note about Intake: We do from time to time close our intake desk when we are overloaded or for special events & holidays. Check the News & Events tab for posts about holiday hours or unexpected closures outside our Regular Intake Days.

Review the following list to find some helpful information about us and what we do. If you do not find the answer to your question here, simply send us an e-mail or give us a call.  We are always happy to be of service!

What items are you accepting now?

Cruise Wear:                  Jan. 6- Feb. 16

Special Closure:            Feb 18-Feb 27 – Gone Cruising – (I am taking an actual holiday ladies.)

Spring Intake:                Feb. 28 – April 14.

Summer Intake:            April 15-July 31

Fall Intake:                      August 16- October 14

Winter Intake:               October 15-December 31



We are always accepting ladies tops, blouses, sweaters, workout wear (Lulu Lemon sells best). Pants of current fashion or better quality, dark wash jeans with slim cut leg, tunics, leggings.  As we are a destination for hundreds of consignors you must realize we will only choose items that suit our clientele best. If it is CURRENT, BETTER BRAND, and in EXCELLENT CONDITION chances are good we will take it. We DO accept certain mall brands like: CLEO, REITMANS, RICKI’S, RW&CO, GUESS, ARITZIA brands, but DO NOT accept discount brands from WALMART, JOE FRESH, OLD NAVY, FOREVER 21, GARAGE, SUZY SHIER, SMART SET.  If you are unsure please email to inquire whether a certain brand is ok.   Items that DON’T sell well are: 2 pc. suits; blazers, tailored items as they are harder to fit.  Please remember demand and past experience help to determine what we choose, it is nothing personal.  Chances are if you are bringing in a closet full of clothing you haven’t worn for several years we won’t be interested in it as our customers are looking for current styles. Of course there are always exceptions for certain unique items and we don’t mind selecting from your offerings.  When you bring in your items we will set you loose to wander the store while we make our decisions, having you wander allows us to be business about our decisions because we do understand that these are the things we personally chose to wear, and we felt good in them and made many memories in them.  When we decline clothing it is not PERSONAL but is about what we believe will sell.  NOTE: we do our best to be kind in all situations, saying no to your clothing is not easy for us thank you for your understanding.

What items are the best sellers?
While each season brings its own favorites, there are certain consistencies. Ladies tops make up about 2/3 of what we sell.  Currently the tunic top is in demand. Slim cut pants are most popular in the bottom category and yoga wear is always good. The key to an item’s popularity can vary, but the most current items from the trendier brands tend to dominate. Proper garment presentation is critical and all items sell best when clean and well cared for in excellent condition.

What brands and sizes are the most popular?
Our customers appreciate unique style and quality from brands such as, but not limited to: Bellisima; Calvin Klein; Free People; Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Guess, Silver, DKNY, Liz Claiborne, Ann Taylor, Anne Klein, Sympli, Neon Buddah, Sandwich, Jones of New York, Ralph Lauren, Mavi, Gap, Eddie Bauer, Talbots and French Dressing.  Coach purses are a big hit here, so we are a great place to consign designer handbags.

While we accept size 0 – XXXL, there is definitely a demand for sizes 7 – 12 in ladies’ fashion. There is also a huge demand for ladies tops and dresses in sizes 10 – 16. We carry a lovely selection of clothing for plus size ladies and are always looking for trendy, fashionable additions to this part of our inventory.

Do I have to hang EVERYTHING?
YES. All clothing items MUST BE ON HANGERS before they arrive in the store. Presenting them in this manner will allow us to peruse your order and pull out any “no thank yous” in a matter of minutes, while you wait. This means we don’t have to take up valuable storage space for unaccepted items, and thus saving you an extra trip back to pick up.

My clothing is clean. I just took it out of my closet, isn’t that good enough?
NO.  Most of us think that we only hang clean, freshly-laundered clothing in our closets.  However, the reality is that generally, there are some items in the closet that are not clean! PLEASE LAUNDER ALL ITEMS the week that you bring them in…even if they were washed since you last wore them. This will eliminate household odors (existing in everyone’s closets), freshen up clothing, and result in the likelihood of acceptance and a quick sale.

[ Click Here ] for a useful guide to understanding the various wash symbols.

Who sets the prices?
At Baja Rosi’s we are aware of what is currently popular with our customers. We know the marketplace. What is in high demand, and what is not. Often what you paid the most for is not nearly as popular as an obscure item that you have little use for! With our expertise we are able to price your garments fairly and still offer good value to our customers. This is a fine balancing act and when done correctly, allows for a win – win – win!

Who do you donate unsold items to?
After 45 days any remaining items may be either be sold or donated to a local charity. Our main Charity is the Victoria Pregnancy Center but do from time to time donate to local events and people in our community.

Victoria Pregnancy Centre.