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After Reading this we can not in good conscience Open
Kate LK Thu, Mar 19, 2020 at 7:10 PMTo:
As a local Victoria physician, I strongly urge you to immediately close your store. Usual or even heightened cleaning methods will NOT be enough to prevent this virus from spreading. We know COVID-19 stays on clothing and can be transmitted by asymptomatic people (ie: shoppers in your store touching clothing). Healthcare workers are dying all over the world despite stringent hospital cleaning methods and wearing personal protective equipment – steaming clothing and cleaning high traffic areas is NOT enough.
As my colleagues and I prepare to put our lives (and our families health) on the line in the coming months, it is incredibly disappointing to see non-essential local businesses continue to operate.
Staying open and spreading COVID-19 makes our job as physicians SO MUCH harder. And it will result in more deaths.
Dr. Kathryn Kuss, MD, BSc, CCFP
Victoria, BC
Stay in the loop with us.
We will keep you informed and we believe spring is coming and we will see you soon.
Thank you for your understanding and continued support as this business is your business too.
Your Baja Rosi’s Family.
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